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BargainCostumeJewelry.com is owned by Lorina’s Window Inc.  Lorina's Window was established in early 2007 and started as a little Ebay store featuring a small selection of affordable high quality jewelry and Lorina’s photographic artwork.  Lorina Newburg has been involved in the Arts since 1986 - as a professional Middle Eastern Dancer; jewelry designer under the business name Lorina's Treasure Chest; founder and original publisher of the newsletter "The Craft Fair Crier," a monthly listing of local vending events for crafters; and as an amateur nature photographer with a local following.  Lorina's Window represents the culmination of a dream to have an online art-based business, combining an ongoing love of jewelry and photography with the far-reaching sales opportunity of the Internet.  Lorina's Window's slogan is "Gaze Upon Beauty."  Our company is run by Lorina herself, with the assistance of her husband and during busy times, family and friends.  Lorina answers all correspondence and phone calls personally, including from her mobile phone when on the go!

Enter the obsession for Bargain Shopping!  Bargain shopping and lots of inventory makes Ebay a CRAZY platform for selling one’s goods!  Either you take a big leap of faith by becoming a Power Seller and quitting your day job to make it happen, or you struggle to keep up with it all.  The speed and success of the bargain shopping quickly outpaced the ability to list it all on Ebay, and so BargainCostumeJewelry.com was born in late 2008! Now there’s one easy-to-reach, easy-to-use location for all those great jewelry bargains!  We DO NOT shop for salvage, shelf pulls and otherwise possibly damaged merchandise.  We look for the discontinued styles, closeouts and general leftovers that are in their original factory packaging and first-rate condition.  When our wholesalers have their closeout sales, we buy up as much inventory as we can and pass the savings on to you!  Occasionally some items will arrive very slightly less than perfect, but when that happens we ALWAYS photograph the item and tell you the exact condition, so you can make an informed decision.  And then of course we put it on a Super Closeout status with the appropriate price!  If an item arrives more than slightly damaged, we simply don’t offer it for sale. 

Just by the very nature of how we do our purchasing, inventory changes constantly and it’s most often impossible to re-stock.  We cannot offer backorders and if something sells out, it disappears from the site unless we can find more.  So if you see something you absolutely must have, don’t wait! Grab it before it’s gone!   

Thank you for visiting our online store!  We hope to be your preferred source for costume jewelry bargains for years to come!  We will very happily continue on our mission to find the best bargains on first-quality jewelry for you at prices from 50 cents to 50 dollars.  AND, we will always package your purchases in nice new boxes or satin pouches before shipping them to you, free of charge, so nobody ever has to know just how little you paid!

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