How to Place Your Order

We're Sorry, But We're Only Able To Accept Orders Through Our Online Ordering System

Why is this?  It's the nature of our inventory and how quickly it can change.  Our specialty is in locating manufacturer closeouts and overstock merchandise.  Sometimes we'll only receive one or two pieces of an item within a large lot of merchandise we purchase on closeout.  Sometimes we'll get six pieces, but one each of six different colors!  By the time we would receive your order by postal mail with a check or money order payment, the item you want may have already been sold online and be gone - forever!  Using our online ordering system allows you to access our real-time inventory and to secure the items you want.  Your items are reserved for you, and our inventory is adjusted simultaneously as your order is processed.

Not Comfortable Ordering Online?

We completely understand your concern, and assure you that we use a secure, encrypted order processing system that is constantly monitored and updated by our provider for the latest in security technology.  It's so secure that in order for us to actually see your credit card number, we must sign in using a permission system so that access to your info is recorded and documented!  We ONLY view your credit card number if your card issuer requires us to call in the authorization by telephone as part of their own security policy.  In 99.9% of our transactions, the secure processing system does the work and we view your order with the payment already processed and marked as “settled.”

And Finally, Why Don't We Accept Orders By Phone?

Very simple.  Most people who want to order by phone do so because they don't want to use their credit card on the Internet.  Here we tell you honestly that our credit card processor works through the Internet using a secure and encrypted system even if we do it manually, so that would entirely defeat the purpose of calling in the order if this is your concern.  In our opinion, Honesty truly is the Best Policy, and so we tell you this here, up front.

We hope you now feel comfortable placing your order with us anyway if you had concerns about security.  We are 1000% committed to protecting your private information, and would take great pride in being the company that provides you with your first positive experience with ordering online!

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