Victorian Austrian Crystal Necklace & Earring Sets

We scooped up a whole bunch of these beautiful sets, which are basically discontinued styles and leftovers from the wholesaler.  Many are from the well known Candy Collection, which are sold in major department stores.  There's nothing wrong with them except that the retail cards are a bit bent or discolored in some cases.  But who cares about the cards, right?  We photographed them on the cards so you could see them properly draped.  But of course we'll send them to you in our signature satin bags so you have nice packaging to go with your fancy jewelry!  If you're not looking for these outlandishly fancy sets, check out our more demure Formal & Bridal Sets, which have the more traditional clear stones on gold or silver, with or without pearl accents.  Either way, we pretty much have a fancy set of jewelry for just about anyone's taste!  And because we bought them at closeout pricing, we of course give them to you for a bargain price!

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