7mm Glass Pearl Stretch Bracelet
7mm Glass Pearl Stretch Bracelet
Alternating Gold & BrownWhite Pearls with Seed BeadsPale Blue with Seed BeadsTurquoise Pearls with Seed BeadsLight BrownIvory & White in Groups of 3 EachAlternating Black & WhitePink Pearls, Faceted & Painted BeadsWhite, Light Blue & Turquoise in Groups of 3 EachAlternating Peach & WhiteWhite, Light & Dark Pink in Groups of 3 EachAlternating Light Pink & RosePeach Pearl, Faceted & Painted BeadsWhite, Light Green & Olive in Groups of 3 EachAqua & Turquoise Pearl, Faceted & Painted BeadsAlternating Gray & Olive GreenRose & White in Groups of 3 EachAlternating Light Green & Olive GreenAlternating Ivory & WhiteAlternating Medium Blue & TurquoisePink Pearls with Seed BeadsGreen Pearl, Faceted & Painted BeadsWhite Pearls, Clear Faceted & Green Painted BeadsRose Pearls with Seed BeadsMedium Green Pearls with Seed BeadsPale PinkWhitePurpleForest GreenDeep Sea FoamAquaPale GreenDark BrownPinkMedium BrownLight TaupeTurquoiseBlackSilverRosePlumBarely PinkSalmon PinkMauveSageOlive Green
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These bracelets are absolutely adorable! 7mm high lustre glass pearls are strung on thick elastic, and are so affordable that you can get them in several colors to match every outfit!

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