Natural Freshwater Pearl 3-Row Necklace with Fancy Clasp
Natural Freshwater Pearl 3-Row Necklace with Fancy Clasp
A- Peach/Orange/WhiteB- White/Lav/PeachC- White/Orange/OrangeD- All PinkE- All OrangeF- Pink/Peach/WhiteG- White/Peach/LavH- White/Peach/WhiteI- All PeachJ-Pink/White/Peach-RowsK- Multi-Rows
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These beautiful necklaces from Japan come in two styles - 3 rows of continuous color pearls or Groups of 3 in alternating rows of colors. We have given each combination a Letter designation that you can match up to the photos for easy ordering. The letter and colors are noted at the bottom of each picture when you enlarge it.

The pearls are button shaped with a flat back, and the beading is done in such a way that the necklace maintains its circular shape and drapes flat against the base of your neck properly rather than twisting. (Definitely store it flat to maintain its shape.) At approximately 16 inches long and on average 5/8" wide, it is a choker for some and a little longer for others. The fancy filigree white gold plated clasp is pretty enough to show as an accent rather than hiding it. Pearls are in graduated sizes of 5mm, 6-7mm and 8-9mm wide. Colors include some that are monochrome and others that are mixed, including combinations of white, peach, pink, lavender, orange (deep peach) and/or black. These are an absolutely stunning twist on a traditional pearl necklace! Retail pricing is usually at least $100 each, so these are a terrific bargain!

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